Research cell analyzers

Flow cytometers that identify, count, and characterize cells to support cell analysis. From easy to use benchtop systems to special order systems to fit precise needs.

BD Accuri? C6 Plus

New generation Accuri makes flow cytometry even more within reach.


Cell analyzer with proven reliability and high-quality results supporting up to 10 parameters.

BD FACSCelesta?

A 14 parameter flow cytometer that is offered in 4 different laser configurations.

BD FACSLyric? Research System

High performance integrated solution for accurate, reliable and repeatable results across users, instruments, and sites.

BD FACSymphony?

A special order research product featuring customizable solutions for high-parameter cell analysis, up to 50 parameters


Research flow cytometer that supports cell analysis for up to 10 parameters.

BD LSRFortessa?

FACSFortessa is configurable and upgradeable with up to 4 lasers to detect up to 18 colors simultaneously.

BD LSRFortessa? X-20

Supports up to 5 lasers using the latest laser technologies. Enables complex multicolor analysis with 20 simultaneous parameters.

Research Special Order Products

The BD special order program lets customers rapidly configure BD flow cytometers and cell sorters to fit precise research and assay needs.